A final resting-place in the ocean has been a traditional desire of many. While some have chosen scattering at sea as an affordable alternative, many funeral providers are surprised to learn the vast majority of clients specifically select the ocean as their final resting-place.

The everlasting cycles of the oceans’s water, the conservations of the land space as well as the shortage of cemetery plots are all reasons cited for selecting sea scattering. Most, however, just love the ocean, and can find no better site for their final resting-place.

For your protection we are fully licensed and insured. We have been servicing Southern California for over 50 years combined. We are governed by State and Federal Laws, since nothing can be placed in the ocean without proper reporting to the U.S Government.

White Light Sea Service makes sure all regulations are complied with and all government reporting is included with your service.

Our captains are licensed by the United States Coast Guard. The vessels we use are United States Coast Guard Certified or United States Coast Guard 6pac regulated.

Our Services

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Families choosing to witness the scattering of ashes service will board the vessel at our dock in Southern California. From the berth, the yacht will proceed to a pre-established latitude and longitude.

Once at that destination, a service is conducted by the Captain or Chaplain as requested followed by a flower toss and our Circle of Tribute. The vessel then cruises back to the dock.

Included in our service are coffee, sodas, and juices as well as roses for all the guests. Included, upon request, a commemorative certificate which includes the date and location of the final resting place will be mailed to the family.

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